Kerala e Pass Apply online & COVID 19 jagratha Registration status

Kerala e Pass Apply online: covid 19 travel pass registration & status check here. Kerala government has imposed the lockdown in the state till May 30, 2022. However, government officials have also indicated that they can continue the lockdown in the state after 30th May if the current position prevails. Besides, the government can also provide relief to those districts where fewer Covid 19 cases have been recorded. The government has also planned to lift the lockdown in various phases.

During the lockdown, people are facing travel restrictions. You can’t walk freely without the permission of the administration due to the Covid 19 pandemic spread in the state. This article will provide all important details regarding the kerala epass apply online including steps for the application, jagratha covid e pass downloading procedure, the direct link to apply for an epass kerala jagrathas, etc.

COVID 19 jagratha Kerala pass – Details

Scheme NameKerala Epass Apply Online & Interstate Visit Epass Apply/ Kerala Curfew Pass 2022
BeneficiariesKerala Citizens
BenefitsLockdown Pass for Free Travel
Launched ByKerala Government
Scheme AimTo Provide Hassle-Free Pass to Keralites

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Kerala Covid 19 Police Pass Online

Due to the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the state, initially, the government imposed a complete lockdown. No one was allowed to travel outside, and due to the complete shutdown, no shop & office was opened. The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic is more infectious and deadly where a lot of deaths have occurred in the past 3 months compared to the previous year’s wave. Those citizens who want to travel from one district to another or one state to another will have a need for an epass kerala. Your Kerala Covid 19 police pass will be checked during the journey. So Epass will act as a ticket to travel from one location to another location.

kerala epass apply online & Download

If you want to download the epass kerala jagratha, you will have to apply for it through the online method first. Consent to issue the Epass in Kerala will be based on the reasons given in the kerala e pass application form. You will have to apply for the covid 19 jagratha kerala pass by following some simple steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to visit the official website of covid 19 jagratha kerala e pass by selecting the link –
  2. After clicking on the above link, you will find the homepage of the particular website.
  3. Here you need to enter key details such as the name of the application, date of birth, passengers’ names, travel details such as starting and reaching location, travel date, purpose to travel, return date and timing, identity card number, type of identity proof, police station name, etc.
  4. After filling in all these details, your application will be rechecked by the officials and permission will be given based on these details.
  5. You will be getting an SMS on the registered mobile number to confirm the approval of the Epass in Kerala.
  6. Now, an applicant can easily download an Epass from the official website of covid 19 jagratha e pass.
  7. All eligible Epass holders need to take the printout of the epass kerala from its official website.

inter-state travel pass Kerala Step by step Registration process

One who wants inter-state visits will have to apply for Covid 19 curfew Epass through the official website of Jagratha Kerala. However, there will be no requirement for the pass to exit from Kerala to other states. Follow the below steps to apply for the epass kerala jagratha for the inter-state tour

  1. Firstly, you will have to click on the official website link of Kerala Police Epass –
  2. After clicking on the above link, you can get its main page.
  3. Now enter your mobile number and verify it by entering your OTP.
  4. Here, you should choose the name of your district, applicant’s name, address, identity card number, the purpose of travel, vehicle number, return date, driver details, starting & endpoint of the journey, route details, documents such as identity card is PDF format, passengers details, etc.
  5. After filling in all these details in the application form, you need to save them.
  6. Once you submit the Kerala Online Pass application, you will get a reference number.
  7. Save this reference number to get the status of your application form.
  8. Once you get the nod from government officials to issue the Kerala police Epass, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number.
  9. Download this covid 19 jagratha kerala pass from the same website for use in the future.